1993: Hofstetter Kurt released the concept of the "Complementary Light Pendulum" clockwork. Caused by the financial utopia for a permanent installation using the telecommunication satellite network, the C light pendulum project [ nome ||| vienna ] could not be realized.
1999: A media art installation of the 1st C light pendulum [ hawaii ||| vienna ] was temporary realized at the 'echoraum' Vienna using the Sunpendulum Time-Eye of Hawaii as well as the software by Stephan Mantler / imagination gmbh.

2003: the C light pendula www-client was released as a Sunpendulum parallel project using the images of the Sunpendulum Time-Eyes in collaboration with the Sunpendulum partners around the earth. As a www based Java Applet program, developed by Herbert Schwabl,  the C light pendula project was made permanently available to the public.

2005: the 1st C light pendula - sculpture [ kolkata ||| new orleans ] -- [ new orleans ||| kolkata ]  was realized as Austrian contribution to the 'Triennale India' exhibition - New Delhi 2005.  Following the installation of the Sunpendulum Time-Eye of Tokyo the C light pendulum [ tokyo ||| azores ] was permanently installed at the Future Design Institute / Kanazawa Institute of Technology - Tokyo.

2006: the 1st TwiLight Pendulum - sculpture [ dusk ||| dawn ] -- [ dawn ||| dusk ]  was realized in the installation at the ZKM exhibition "Light Art from Artificial Light" in Karlsruhe 2005/2006. 

2007: Following the ZKM installation of the Twilight Pendulum - sculpture the TwiLight Pendulum - space installation was realized in the Expanded Cinema exhibition at the International Film Festival Rotterdam / IFFR 2007.

/ thanks to the Sunpendulum Kernel team
/ all rights reserved (c) Hofstetter Kurt, Vienna 1993 ff