tlp - space installation
TwiLight Pendulum space installation @ TENT / Witte De With Rotterdam - IFFR 2007
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images from the sky at the moment of dusk and dawn are constantly sent to a screen, where a central circular field of one sky is superimposed on the other - [ dusk ||| dawn ] . Tracking over time around the earth the light of the sky in the inner circle is changing complementary to the light of the sky surrounding it.

[ dusk ||| dawn ] - images are projected onto one side of a white balloon (diameter approx. 2m) hanging like a pendulum in the center of a darkened space and vica versa [ dawn ||| dusk ] - images onto the opposite site. Outside the balloon dawn and dusk light interferes with people moving around. Standing in front of the balloon at dawn eclipsing dusk and vica versa at dusk eclipsing dawn on the opposite site.

The realisation is based on the SUNPENDULUM project by using its online image streams of the 12 Time-Eyes around the earth. With the earth rotation, that means over time, dusk-light and dawn-light can be tracked by selecting those 2 videocameras directed towards the dusk- and dawn skies respectively. WWW-based - Java program realisation by Herbert Schwabl, live image capture by Stephan Mantler in collaboration with the Sunpendulum team and the Sunpendulum partners around the earth.