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C light pendula sculpture [ kolkata ||| new orleans ] @ triennale new delhi more >>
photo by Barbara Doser, edited by Hofstetter Kurt (c) Vienna 2005

"In Kolkata and New Orleans, appr. 12 hours apart, video cameras have been directed towards the sky and connected online to the Internet. The images from both cameras were constantly sent to two screens, where a central circular field of one sky is superimposed on the other. Two moons circulate around their fields and their position shows the local time. The realisation is based on the collaboration with Jadavpur University Kolkata and University of New Orleans using the respective Sunpendulum Time-Eyes as well as the www-client software by Herbert Schwabl and support by the Sunpendulum Kernel team.

C light pendula - sculpture: 2 screens [kolkata ||| new orleans] and [new orleans ||| kolkata] are embedded in steel frames. Respectively facing the opposite direction they are fixed on 2 parallel steel pipes and connected online to the Internet" (Hofstetter Kurt, 2004).

/ 2005 realized at the 'triennale india - new delhi' - austrian contribution

/ all rights reserved (c) Hofstetter Kurt, Vienna 2004 / 2005 / ff