"In two time zones, exactly 12 hours apart, videocameras are directed towards the sky and connected online to the Internet. Two videocameras – time-eyes – watch the sky in parallels. The images from both time-eyes are constantly sent to a screen, where a central circular field of one sky is superimposed on the other. With the rotation of the earth, that means over time, the light of the sky in the inner circle is changing complementary to the light of the sky surrounding it, 12 hours distant. Two moons circulate exactly on the border of this field being synchronuously in both time zones. Their position shows the local time, simultaneously correct for both time zones". (Hofstetter Kurt, 1993)

/ all rights reserved (c) Hofstetter Kurt, Vienna 1993
scetch by Hofstetter Kurt, Vienna 1993 - for the presentation to Dir. Mück