clp - triennale-newdelhi - 00
02.08.1999 at  06:47 pm   [ hawaii ||| vienna ] C light pendulum - still by Hofstetter Kurt  / echoraum vienna  

"In 1999, on Maui - Hawaii / USA and in Vienna / Austria, exactly 12 hours apart, videocameras were directed towards the sky and connected to the internet. Two videocameras – time-eyes – watched the sky in parallels. The images from both time-eyes were constantly sent to the 'echoraum' - Vienna to be screened via video-beam, where a central circular field of one sky is superimposed on the other. Two moons circulated around this field and their position showed the local time, simultaneously correct for both time zones" (Hofstetter Kurt, 1999).
/ 1st C light pendulum installation was realized as a video-beam installation at 'echoraum vienna' - '2 ||| 0' exhibition using the Sunpendulum Time-Eye of Hawaii as well as the software by Stephan Mantler / imagination gmbh.
/ all rights reserved (c) Hofstetter Kurt, Vienna 1999