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Ain Shams University,  18.4.2000

photo / video documentation - Barbara Doser © parallel media
from left to right:
Dr. Karam Hassan, (lawyer, simultaneous interpretation), Prof. Dr. Ahmed Zaki Badr (Director of the Ain Shams University Network Information Center, Sunpendulum coordinator in Cairo), Prof. Dr. Mohamed Tag-Eldin (Vicepresident of the Ain Shams University), Dr. Ferdinand Trauttmansdorff (Austrian Ambassador in Cairo), Prof. Dr. Ahmed Hassan Ghalab (President of the Ain Shams University), Hofstetter Kurt (media artist, Director of the Sunpendulum project), Dipl.Ing. Dr. Christoph Traxler (computer scientist, Vienna University of Technology).
  On the occasion of the permanent installation of the Time-Eye of Cairo at the Ain Shams University Cairo, the University organized a press conference in close cooperation with the Austrian Embassy in Cairo. To provide comprehensive information on the Sunpendulum project, the Sunpendulum video (by Barbara Doser and Hofstetter Kurt) accompanied by Sunpendulum art folders were presented in Arabic. In addition, Dr. Christoph Traxler gave an overview of the current research status of the Sunpendulum software.

media present 
SatTV stations: NileTV, Egypt-Sat-TV, News-Channel 1
local TV station and Radio Cairo
Al Ahram - most important daily newspaper in Arabic area 
journalists from local and national daily and weekly print media

As a token of his appreciation of the Sunpendulum project, the President of the University, Dr. Ahmed Hassan Ghalab, presented the golden medal of the University to Ambassador Dr. Trauttmansdorff, Hofstetter Kurt, Dr. Christoph Traxler and Barbara Doser. 
The press conference was held in Arabic and German. Simultaneous interpretation was provided.
Following the press conference (duration 3 hours) the President gave a reception in the VIP space of the Ain Shams University. Thanks to the Ain Shams University Cairo for the perfect organisation.

click on the pictures and experience the video - documentation by Dr. Barbara Doser

Welcoming words and a short introduction for the present media and journalists by the conference manager, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Zaki Badr - director of the Ain Shams University Network Information Center.
The opening statement by the President of the Ain Shams University, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Hassan Ghalab.
The Austrian Ambassador in Cairo, Dr. Ferdinand Trauttmansdorff, emphasized the interdisciplinarity of the Sunpendulum project, which initiates a cooperation between Universities and research centers around the earth. 
The media artist Hofstetter Kurt presented his project Sunpendulum including the video presentation by Barbara Doser & Hofstetter Kurt and 
a short scientific overview about the Sunpendulum software by Dr. Christoph Traxler from the Institute of Computer Graphics / Vienna University of Technology
The Vicepresident of the Ain Shams University, Prof.Dr. Mohamed Tag-Eldin, talked about the active cooperation between Austrian Universities and the Ain Shams University Cairo.
As a sign of the special respect and esteem to the Sunpendulum project Dr. Ghalab presented the golden medal of the University to Dr. Trauttmansdorff, to Hofstetter Kurt, to Dr.Christoph Traxler and to Dr. Barbara Doser.
many thanks to Dr. Karam Hassan for the great sinultaneous interpretation.
TV-Interviews in detail with Dr. Ghalab, Dr. Trauttmansdorff, Hofstetter Kurt and Dr. Badr followed this very well prepared and technically perfect organized conference. 
  Supporting organisations, the Austrian National Tourist Office and the Austrian Airlines, used a special area in front of the press conference hall to present their information materials, posters, ... . 

The Time-Eye of Cairo is a media art installation by Hofstetter Kurt realized in close cooperation with the Institute of Computer Graphics / Vienna University of Technology and the Ain Shams University Cairo.

supported by Egyptian Embassy Vienna / Cultural Department, Austrian Federal Chancellory / Department for the Arts (.KUNST), Austrian Ministry for Foreign Affairs - Austrian Embassy Cairo, Austrian Airlines.

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