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Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute, 18.8.1999

photo / video documentation - Barbara Doser © parallel media
from left to right:
first picture: J. Michael Collier (Chairman of the Board of Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute - BUEI); second picture: Wendy Tucker (Director of the BUEI); third picture: Hofstetter Kurt (media artist, Director of the Sunpendulum project), Leopold Küchler (Austrian Honorary Consul of Bermuda), visitor; fourth and sixth picture: Hofstetter Kurt  with journalists during the press event; fifth picture: Dipl.Ing. Dr. Christoph Traxler (computer scientist, Vienna University of Technology) and journalists.
  On the occasion of the permanent installation of the Time-Eye of Bermuda at the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute (BUEI) the Institute organized a press event. To provide comprehensive information on the Sunpendulum project, the Sunpendulum video (by Barbara Doser/Hofstetter Kurt) accompanied by Sunpendulum art folders were presented in English. In addition, Dr. Christoph Traxler gave an overview of the current research status of the Sunpendulum software.

media present 
2 TV stations: ZFB - TV,  VSB - TV
The Royal Gazette - daily newspaper in Bermuda

Thanks to BUEI / Department of Public Relations for the perfect organization and proactive public relations work, a number of press articles were published before termination of the installation (e.g. in the weekly magazine “Bermuda Sun“). The press event was held in English and took 2 hours.

welcoming words and a short introduction for the present media and journalists by J. Michael Collier, 
Chairman of the BUEI - Board.
Hofstetter Kurt presenting his international media art project Sunpendulum.
a short scientific overview about the Sunpendulum software by Dr. Christoph Traxler from the Institute of Computer Graphics / Vienna University of Technology
2 TV stations present: 
ZFB - TV and VSB - TV
The Royal Gazette's photograph and Hofstetter Kurt on the BUEI's roof 
"Mr. Kurt" and the time-eye of Bermuda on the front-page of "The Royal Gazette" / August 19th
  The Time-Eye of Bermuda is a media art installation by Hofstetter Kurt realized in close cooperation with the Institute of Computer Graphics / Vienna University of Technology and the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute (BUEI) ;

supported by Creative Computing Concepts (:3C!), Austrian Federal Chancellory / Department for the Arts (.KUNST), Austrian Consulate Bermuda / Vienna Guest Apartments.

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