raumspacebreathing life into my bosom  by PARALLEL MEDIA - Barbara Doser & Hofstetter Kurt  |  CAPC musée d’art contemporain - Bordeaux
breathing life into my bosom
breathing life into my bosom @ CAPC musée d’art contemporain / Bordeaux more >>

video installation at CAPC musée d’art contemporain - Bordeaux:  02.12.08 - 08.03.09
endless loop of 6 min unit, mini DV, 4:3, b&w, pal, stereo, 2005/2008

curated by Bertrand Grimault (association Monoquini) for

I∆O. Psychedelic Explorations in France, 1968 - ∞

"… Une installation vidéo hypnotique en forme de vortex des artistes autrichiens Barbara Doser & Hofstetter Kurt constituent à l’entrée de l’exposition une extension vers un autre domaine …" more

Reflecting on parallelism and circulation abstract images are created using the video feedback technique and edited for paralysing experience to catapult the viewer into the free spaces of his/her imagination. The sounds, experimentally created by sound-feedback and partly composed following the Möbius principle, compress the levels of experiences into complex units. The time will luminesce.

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