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Hofstetter Kurt
live - facing the Time-Eye of Hawaii / Maui
images of the reinstallation

the Time-Eye of Hawaii - photo by Hofstetter Kurt, all rights reserved

The Sunpendulum Time-Eye of Hawaii, first installed in February 1999 on Maui / Hawaii on the roof of the Maui High Performance Computing Center, was reinstalled in Summer 2005 on the roof of the Maui Community College, a campus of the University of Hawaii.

The Time-Eye is directed to the east to capture the sunlight from the sky over the volcano Mount Haleakala, the so-called "House of the Sun".

realised in close collaboration with the
Maui Community College & the Maui High Performance Computing Center ( MHPCC )

and great support by the
Austrian Culture Institute - New York,

Austrian Federal Ministry for Foreign Affairs,
Austrian Federal Chancellory / Department for the Arts (.KUNST)
TeleKom Austria