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Hofstetter Kurt
live - facing the Time-Eye of Granada
The Time-Eye of Granada - photo by Hofstetter Kurt, all rights reserved
The Sunpendulum Time-Eye of Granada, first installed in September 1999, was reinstalled in Granada on the roof of the new building complex of the High Technical School of Computer Science / University of Granada at the end of May 2002.

The Time-Eye is directed to the east to capture the sunlight from the sky over Granada on the foothills of the Sierra Nevada.
realised in close collaboration with the
University of Granada, High Technical School of Computer Science

and great support by
Creative Computing Concepts (:3C!),
Austrian Federal Chancellory / Department for the Arts (.KUNST),
Austrian National Tourist Office - Madrid,
Ministry for Foreign Affairs - Austrian Embassy - Madrid
THE UNIVERSITY OF GRANADACREATIVE COMPUTING CONCEPTSFederal Chancellory / Department for the ArtsAustrian National Tourist Office - MadridAustrian Federal Ministy For Foreign Affairs