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f a c i n g   t i m e   e y e s   - a sunpendulum parallel project by Hofstetter Kurt

Live images from the Sunpendulum Time-Eyes around the earth are constantly downloaded to be superimposed upon the pupil of computer generated eyes. Whenever the download process of a new image is complete the computer system triggers the opening and closing of the eyelid and refreshes the sky image in its pupil. The respective refresh rate, i.e. the data transmission bandwidth, at the moment of Internet controls the winking of the eye  - and how long the moments last.

* live image capture and software by Marcus Priesch
* in collaboration with the Sunpendulum team and the Sunpendulum partners around the earth
* the artwork is based on the digital image taken from the eye of Susana Navarro Garcia in 1999 
* many thanks to the Sunpendulum support
* all rights reserved by Hofstetter Kurt (c) Vienna 2002