sunpendulum home 
s  t  a  t  i  o  n  F 
by Hofstetter Kurt, 2001
computer graphics by Hofstetter Kurt
The Sun is public knowing no difference between day or night. 

The Sunpendulum Station F is public, open 24 hours and accessible from all directions. The Circle the basic element of Sunpendulum's structure and movement dictates the geometry of the Station F.

24 pairs of half cylinders are set up in a circle and form entry points in all directions. Adjacent concavities are shifted in parallel by the radius of the semicircular profile and the corresponding convexities touch each other.

Their particular form    resembles the symbol for "universal brotherhood" of the Hopi Indians*), which are touching each other and thus closing a circle.

This shell protects the inner space against daylight no light beam is directly reaching the inner circle of the screens. The distance between opposing screens has been fixed at 6 meters, forming an intimate space.

An Iris of Solar cells on the roof receives the light of the sun and produces all the necessary energy.  

*) Carl G. Liungman, Dictionary of Symbols, 1991, p 175