sunpendulum home
p a v i l i o n   # 1
by Reinhard Haslwanter and Hofstetter Kurt, 1998
model 1:20 by Reinhard Haslwanter, video still by Barbara Doser
t y p e  &  s t r u c t u r e

The architectural realisation of the Sunpendulum vision and items gives rise to a circular pavilion. 12 pillars are setup in a circle supporting a circular ceiling and delineating the space between the monitors. The pavilion is accessible from all directions through 12 spiral panels leading from outside to the center. Each of the panels is made up of 24 vertically adjustable light shield lamel-
las. Daylight-sensors optimize the inner light for the screens by adjusting the lamellas. 

This shell pulses with the light outside; the inner space is protected against sunlight during the day and opens during the night - horizontal interface. An iris of solar cells contiguous with the roof receives sunlight and produces all the necessary energy  
vertical interface.