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In 12 time zones around the earth videocameras are directed towards the sky and online connected to the InterNet. 12 videocameras Time-Eyes around the earth watch the sky INPLUSION. At a certain place on earth 12 screens are setup in a circle within a pavilion. Those screens are online connected with the 12 Time-Eyes and transmit the sunlight from the 12 time zones EXPLOSION. A sunclock is being created. With the rotation of earth, that means over time, the sunlight is moving within the inner circle of the screens. In the inner circle day and night can be experienced in parallels at the same time.

In 1998 the realisation was started to design a pavilion in public space for the circle of the 12 Time-Screens, where the continuous circulation of day and night can be strongly experienced in parallels at the same time. In close cooperation with the architect Reinhard Haslwanter a special pavilion pavilion #1 has been designed following the Sunpendulum vision by Hofstetter Kurt. In 2001 regarding the realisation process in the respective time zones Hofstetter Kurt had to adjust his vision towards new realisation items and created the design for pavilion #2. Both pavilion designs fulfill the basic premise having the pavilion open in all directions with no direct sunbeam reaching the inner circle of the screens and being easily constructed, conforming to the principle of the "Golden Section" in a very fascinating way. In 2001 during the artistic work on the basic geometry of pavilion #2 a construction of the Golden Section of the unkown simplest was discovered and resulted in a scientific paper publication . Helmuth Locher, Andreas Doser, Hermann Hauke joined the sunpendulum team to realize Sunpendulum Explosion. In 2002 a model of pavilion #2 (scale 1:20) was created for international presentations and exhibitions and in 2003 the earlier idea of a temporary pavilion has been redefined in concrete terms as a permanent station - "the Sunpendulum Station f".