Barbara Doser
1961 born in Innsbruck, lives and works in Vienna, Austria
1989 PhD in Art History
since 1993 freelance video and fine artist

artistic domain: video feedback, processed in experimental videos and video/media installations, in the fields of painting, photography and sculpture presented at exhibitions and events in austria and abroad
numerous experimental art videos presented in more than 40 countries at
screenings and international festivals for film, video and new media

since 1994
artist collective PARALLEL MEDIA - Barbara Doser and Hofstetter Kurt

grants and prices 
2007  Special Diploma of the Jury, Int. Kansk Video Festival, Kansk, RU (art video ORDER-RE-ORDER)
2007  Honorable Mention, Black Maria Film & Video Festival, Jersey City, US (art video ORDER-RE-ORDER)
2006  "Förderpreis" for the artistic work / fine arts (photography and new media), City of Innsbruck, AT
2005  grant for experimental film, Austrian State Secretary for the Arts and Media
2004  price of the jury, Int.Videofestival Bochum, DE (art video even odd even)


book release
Barbara Doser: Video Feedback Lyricism in Patterns of Light
Barbara Doser: Video-Feedback
Poesie der Lichtmuster
Ed. Zwei Kongruent Null,
ST/A/R Printmedium Wien, Vienna, 2010

Barbara Doser – Video-Feedback – Lyricism in
                    Patterns of Light

PARALLEL MEDIA - Barbara Doser and Hofstetter Kurt                   exhibitions / events / projects (selection)
2020 Museum of Contemporary Art
2019  Gallery Konzett
2019  Musashino Art University Tokyo
2018  Museoteatro della Commenda
2018  Gallery Konzett
2018  Symposion Lindabrunn
2017  Digital Planetarium, Natural History Museum - ZART-NOW-HERE
2016  Galerie Freihausgasse - ZART-NOW-HERE
2016  Punto y Raya Festivl @ ZKM - Abstract Art in Motion
2016  Galerie Freihausgasse
2016  3331 Arts Chiyoda
2015  Künstlerhaus
2015  Bauhaus Dessau, Meisterhaus Muche
2015  Punto y Raya Academy at La Casa Encendida
2015  Kunstraum Florenz
2014  Fundación Canal, "Metrópolis, 30 years at the forefront"
2014  Museo Civico di Storia Naturale
2013  TU Wien
2013  St John´s College Oxford, UK
2012  ZKM Karlsruhe, Cube
2012  Semperdepot
2012  Artist in Residence at the research boat Eleonore, Statdwerkstatt Linz
2011  Frederick and Lillian Kiesler Foundation
2011  Kro Art Contemporary
2010  Viennafair, Borrowed Time
2009  détournement venise 2009, collateral event of the Venice Biennale 2009
2009  "Mobile Cinema" by RothStauffenberg in the Gallery Esther Schipper
2008  Musée d‘art contemporain Bordeaux
2008  Kunstforum Ferdinandeum/Tiroler Landesmuseum
2008  Tiroler Landesmuseum/project room
2008  Diagonale - Festival of Austrian Film: Barbara Doser + PARALLEL MEDIA
2008  Klub Katarakt 27
2007  Ljubljana City Art Museum (1.3 Festival of Video and New MediaArt)
2007  Moscow Museum of Modern Art, LINOLEUM MOSCOW
2006  CMI – Marhall Islands, parastructures #3
2006  Echoraum, time no time_02
2006  Medienkunstlabor-Kunsthaus Graz, time no time_01
2006  VIPER | Exhibition, Kusthalle Basel
2005  Int. Videofestival Bochum, para structures #2
2005  Future Design Institute Tokyo
2005  SuperDeluxe, para structures #1
2004  Festival Fusión Artes Visuales Granada
2000  Cultural Institute of Egypt, Sunpendulum Reflections
2001  MAK NITE Museum of Applied Arts|Contemp. Art, with Joseph Hartmann
2001  Medienwerkstatt, look arround
1999  Echoraum, two congruent zero / parallel media
since 1999 facing time | sunset talks

León, ES
Vienna, AT

Tokyo, JP
Genova, IT
Vienna, AT Lindabrunn, AT
Vienna, AT
Villach, AT
Karlsruhe, DE
Villach, AT
Tokyo, JP
Vienna, AT
Dessau, DE
Madrid, ES
Basel, CH

Madrid, ES
Geneve, IT
Vienna, AT
Oxford, UK

Karlsruhe, DE
Vienna, AT

Linz, AT
Vienna, AT

Vienna, AT
Vienna, AT
Venice, IT
Berlin, DE

Bordeaux, FR
Innsbruck, AT
Innsbruck, AT
Graz, AT
Hamburg, DE
Lubjana, SL
Moscow, RU
Majuro, RMI
Vienna, AT
Graz, AT
Basel, CH
Bochum, DE
Tokyo, JP
Tokyo, JP
Granada, NI
Vienna, AT
Vienna, AT
Vienna, AT
Vienna, AT

group event, video presentation
video presentation
video special
group show, video installation
video presentation
group event, video presentation
solo event, sound & video performance
solo event, sound & video performance
art video in international competition
Installation @ Hofstetter Kurt´s solo exhibition
solo event,  sound & video performance
group show, video installation
video screening
video special (Master Class)
video screening
group show, video loop
group show, video loop
event, video
group show, video installation
solo event,  polyphone sound & video performance
group event, polyphone sound & video performance
project: eleosonore -  image-sound processing
video screening
group exhibition, video installation
group exhibition, video
group exhibition, installation
event, video special
group exhibition, video installation
event, video special
exhibition, video installation
event, video special
group exhibition, video installation
group exhibition, video installation
group exhibition, video installation
event, video special
event, video special
event, video special
group exhibition, videoloop
event video special
exhibition, video and mediainstallation, prints
event, video special
event, video special
exhibition, paintings
event, video screening, performance
event, videoscreening, video and medieninstallation
event, videoscreening, video installation
international media art project

Barbara Doser                                                                                 exhibitions and events (selection)
2019 Musashino Art University Tokyo
2018 Museoteatro della Commenda
2018  Dallas Art Museum
2017  Filmstudio Villach
2016  Filmstudio Villach
2016  Austrian Cultural Forum Tokyo
2014  Dorotheum Wien
2012  Stadtmuseum Innsbruck
2011  Kro Art Contemporary off space
2011  Kro Art Contemporary
2010  Light Art Biennal Austria 2010, Gallery Area 53
2010  Palais kabelwerk ARTspace
2010  Gallery Area 53
2009  Laeiszhalle - (Free Radicals)
2009  Lincoln Center - (Free Radicals)
2009  MAK Nite - VIDEO EDITION AUSTRIA - release 02 by Medienwerkstatt Wien
2009  Area 53
2008  Tiroler Landesmuseum / Studio Galerie
2008  Andechsgalerie
2008  Galerie ARTPARK Lenaupark
2008  Philharmonie Luxembourg, Grand Auditorium (Free Radicals)
2008  Palais des Beaux Arts Bruxelles, Centre for Fine Arts (Free Radicals)
2007  Wien Modern, Konzerthaus (Free Radicals)
2007  La Biennale di Venezia - musica (Free Radicals)
2007  Künstler auf Landpartie 2, curated by Atelier & Gallery AREA 53
2006  Forum-Mozartplatz, Kunst ist Film: 36 Filme
2006  Museo Alejandro Otero-MAO (Pulsar - Encuentro Int. Multimedia)
2005  Ovalhalle Museums Quartier, cloning/odd souls
2004  Kapu
2004  Off-Gallery KBB Barcelona
2004  twocongruentzero, moments #092004
2000  Gallery T19, see you - see me
1999  Gallery T19
1998  Gallery T19
1997  Europ. Cultural Month Ljubljana,  with Hofstetter Kurt, Luminers Call - Date 1
1996  MAK Gallery - Museum of Applied Arts|Contemporary Art,
           frame 04199401.0-4, project alpha
1995  ORF-TV station Innsbruck, with Hofstetter Kurt and Norbert Math
          changing messages parallel crossover

Tokyo, JP
Genova, IT
Dallas, US
Villach, AT
Villach, AT
Tokyo, JP
Vienna, AT
Innsbruck, AT
Vienna, AT
Vienna, AT
Vienna, AT
Vienna, AT
Vienna, AT
Hamburg, DE
New York, US
Vienna, AT
Vienna, AT
Innsbruck, AT
Innsbruck, AT
Linz, AT
Luxembourg, LU
Brussels, BE
Vienna, AT
Venice, IT
Vienna, AT
Caracas, VE
Vienna, AT
Linz, AT
Barcelona, ES
Vienna, AT
Vienna, AT
Vienna, AT
Vienna, AT
Ljubljana SLO
Vienna, AT

Innsbruck, AT

documentary "light over time", solo event
group show, video installation
documentary "light over time",
solo e
vent documentary "light over time", solo event
documentary "light over time", solo event
auction, object

group show,
group show, installation: video, objects, prints
group show, video installation, object
group show, video installation, print
solo show, videos, objects, paintings, prints
group show, object
group event, video

group event, video
group event, video
group event,
work on paper
solo exhibition, video installation, paintings
solo exhibition, video installation, paintings, prints
group show, paintings
group event, video
group event, video
group event, video
group event, video
group show, installation/sculpture
group show, video loop
group show, video loop
two artists show, video installation, prints
group show, video installation
group show, video installation
solo show, video installation, paintings, prints
solo show, video installations, paintings
group show, paintings
group show, paintings
solo event, media performance
solo show, video/media installation, prints

event, telematic live-radio-event and video-infrared-sound-installation

Barbara Doser                                                                                 cooperation in international media art projects (selection)
2006  The Sunpendulum Time-Eye of the Marshall Islands by Hofstetter Kurt
2005  The Sunpendulum Time-Eye of Tokyo by Hofstetter Kurt
2004  The Sunpendulum Time-Eye of Kolkata by Hofstetter Kurt
2003  The Sunpendulum Time-Eye of Hong Kong by Hofstetter Kurt
2002  The Sunpendulum Time-Eye of Dubai by Hofstetter Kurt
2001  The Sunpendulum Time-Eye of the Azores by Hofstetter Kurt
2000  The Sunpendulum Time-Eye of Ensenada by Hofstetter Kurt
2000  The Sunpendulum Time-Eye of New Orleans by Hofstetter Kurt
2000  The Sunpendulum Time-Eye of Cairo by Hofstetter Kurt
1999  The Sunpendulum Time-Eye of Granada by Hofstetter Kurt
1999  The Sunpendulum Time-Eye of Bermuda by Hofstetter Kurt
1999  The Sunpendulum Time-Eye of Hawaii by Hofstetter Kurt
1996-1998 moving moments @ pendel by Hofstetter Kurt in cooperation with the
          Ars Electronica Center Linz
1994  StadtRaum Remise,  Mreza/Netz by the project group MREZA/NETZ (member)


Vienna, AT
video/print/web documentation
video/print/web documentation
video/print/web documentation
video/print/web documentation
video/print/web documentation
video/print/web documentation
video/print/web documentation
video/print/web documentation
video/print/web documentation
video/print/web documentation
video/print/web documentation
video/print/web documentation
approx. 50 digital videos, web documentation

project and event

PARALLEL MEDIA - Barbara Doser and Hofstetter Kurt
participation @ international festivals
for film, video and new media / screenings
Museum of Contemporary Art
in the frame of a video program by Punto y Raya, 03.01.2020, ES
EXis, OPTRONICALS - Austrian Music Abstracts, 01.08.2020, Seoul, KR

klub katarakt Festival, 19.01.2019, Hamburg, DE
35. Int. Kurzfilm-Festival, INTERLACED SIGNALS, 04.06.2019, Hamburg, DE
Living Collection by Sixpackfilm, program: Psychedelia, 03.06.2019, Vienna, AT
EU Interfaces, sound art and contemporary music festival, 30.05. - 02.06.2019, Leicester, GB

Dallas Art Museum, May 03, 2018,Dallas, US
“Best of PyR 2016” program, Traverse Theatre, 27.01.2018, Edinburgh, UK

Melbourne International Animation Festiva, Int. Competition,21.06.2017, AUT

Susy screened as part of the “Best of PyR 2016” program
Echo Park Film Center, 23.03.2017, Los Angeles, US
The Exploratorium, 20.04.2017, San Francisco, US
Teesside University - Animex Festiva, 31.05.2017, Middlesbrough, UK
Moody Center for the Arts, 03.06.2017, Houston·TX, US
ACMI - Melbourne Int. Animation Festival, 24.06.2017, Melbourne, AUT
MCK (Miejskie Centrum Kultury), 20.10.2017, Bydgoszcz, PL
Barbican Centre - London International Animation Festival, 06.12.2017, London, UK
Filmstudio Villach, Stadtkino, July 2017, Villach, AT

Punto y Raya Festival, Int. Competition, 20. - 23.10.2016, ZKM-Karlsruhe, DE

Filmstudio Villach, Stadtkino, November 05, 2016, Villach, AT
Int. Kurzfilmfestival Hamburg, June 2016, Hamburg, DE
spazio arte&arte, 15.04.2016, Como, IT
Austrian Cultural Foum, January 25, 2016, Tokyo, JP

Old School, 19.07.2015, Havelberg, DE
Bauhaus Dessau, 16.07.2015, Dessau, DE

... and some other festivals and screenings 

Int. Cinema Film Festival of Aix-en-Provence, 07.12.2011, FR
Punto y Raya Festival, Int. Competition, 03. - 06.11.2011, Reina Sofia Museum, Madrid, ES

 sottovoce festival, 02.10.2011, London, GB
Top Kino, 14.09. 2011, Vienna, AT
Frederick and Lillian Kiesler Foundation, 29. 06. 2011, Vienna, AT
Klub Katarakt, 19. - 22.01.2011, Hamburg, DE

Punto y Raya Festival international tour 2011, "the best of PyR 2009":
Caixa Forum Palma, 28.03. - 01.05.2011, Palma, ES
Guggenheim Museum, 15.03.2011, Bilbao, ES
Chicago Filmmakers, 25.02.2011, Cicago, US
Caixa Forum Tarragona, 14.12. 2010- 06.03.2011, Tarragona, ES

Festival Tous Courts, 29.11.- 04.12.2010, Aix-en-Provence, FR
Int. Animated Film Festival Cinématou, 02. - 10.10.2010, Geneva, CH
Filmfestival of Fine Arts - Tisza Cinema, 23. - 29.09. 2010, Szolnok, HU
Edinburgh International Film Festival, 25.06.2010, Edinburgh, GB
Int. Kurzfilmfestivakl Hamburg, 03.06., 05.06.2010, Hamburg, DE
Tricky Women, Int. Animation Film Festival, 03/10, Vienna, AT
Diagonale 2010 - Festival of Austrian Film, 18.03., 20.03., Graz, AT
Yebisu International Festival for Art and Alternative Visions, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography 20.02 - 01.03.2010, Tokyo, JP
Punto y Raya Festival international tour 2010, "the best of PyR 2009":
Animex Screen, 08-12.02.2010, Middlesbrough, UK
Espacio Fundación Telefónica, 16.03. - 20.04.2010, Buenos Aires, AR
Centro Fundación Telefónica, 05.04. - 02.05.2010, Lima, PE
CaixaForum Lleida, 08.04.-03.05.2010, Lleida, ES
Fundación Telefónica, 03.-07.05.2010, Santiago, CL
NUAS Gallery, 10. - 14.05.2010, Nagoya, JP
Museo Patio Herreriano, 15.05.2010, Valladolid, ES
Universidad de Vigo, 23.07.2010, Vigo, ES
NIFF Festival, 03.10.2010, Naoussa, GR
Buffalo International Film Festival, 09-10.10.2010
CMU | Carneghie Mellon University , 12.-13-10.2010, Pittsburgh, US
The Mac | McKinney Ave. Contemporary, 16.-17-10.2010, Dallas, US
Echo Park Film Center, 03.11.2010, Los Angeles, US
The Exploratorium, 14.11.2010, San Francisco, US
D.I.V.A, 19.11.2010, Eugene, US

Black & White - Filmabend curated by Norbert Pfaffenbichle, BAWAG Contemporary, 08.12.2010, Vienna, AT
livingroom product III, choreografisches kino / 3 positionen, 19. - 20.11.2010, 6 pm, GudrunKino, Vienna, AT
Gallery Konzett, 25.02.2010, Vienna, AT
Die Opulenz der Reduktion, video program curated by Michaela Grill, sixpackfilm, 21.04.2010, Vienna, AT

Punto y Raya Festival, 25. - 29. November 2009, Arts Santa Mňnica, Barcelona, ES
International Animation Festival Tindirindis, 22. - 25. October 2009, Vilnius, LT
abstracta festival, 25.08.09 21:30, Roma, IT
International Kurzfilmfestival Hamburg, 02.06. - 08-06-09, Hamburg, DE

Vicious Circle - screening program curated by Michaela Grill @ ViertelFestival, 05.09.2009, 20:00, Wolkersdorf, AT
Klub Katarakt, 17.01.09, Hamburg, DE

VISIONary - Program by Sixpackfilm, 03.05.09, 21:30 and 05.05.09, 18:00 Stadtkino Wien, Vienna, AT
Austrian Tour 2009:
GAYA gallery for young art Gmunden, 15.06. – 21.06.
Moviemento Linz, 19.06. – 24.06.
Lichtspiele Lenzing, 19.06. – 24.06.
Diesel Kino Gleisdorf, 22.06. – 28.06.
Galerie Blaugelbezwettl, 26.06. – 28.06.
Funplexxx Kufstein, 03.07. – 09.07.
Filmzentrum im Rechbauerkino Graz, 06.07. – 09.07.
Kino im Kesselhaus Krems, 06.10. – 09.10.
Programmkino Wels 07.10. – 11.10.
Zentral Kinocenter Wiener Neustadt, 02.11. – 04.11.

Freewaves, 09-13.10.08, Los Angeles, US
abstracta festival, 24.09.08 21:30, Roma, IT
frameout festival, sixpackfilm program visual music 2, 29.07.08 21:30, Vienna, AT
Image Forum Festival, 21.07.08 12:00, Yokohama Museum of Art, JP
Curtas Vila do Conde, 10.07.08 17:30, Vila do Conde, PT
Image Forum Festival, 21.06.08 12:00, Aichi Arts Center, Nagoya, JP
backup_festival, program best of backup, 22.06.08 18:00, Weimar, DE
V'Dance - Int. VideoDance Festival, 12.06.08, Tel Aviv, IL
Int. KurzfilmFestival Hamburg, 04.06. 21:45, 07.06. 19:45, Hamburg, DE
Int. Bochumer Videofestival, 30.05.08, Bochum, DE
Image Forum Festival, 16.05.08 17:20, Kyoto, JP
Image Forum Festival, 01.05.08 17:00, Tokyo, JP
Diagonale-Festival of Austrian Film, 04/08, Graz, AT
Festival Les Inattendus, 01/08, Lyon, FR

zeitraumzeit, 16.-17.10.08, k/haus, Vienna, AT
LightCone preview show 2008, 19.09.08, Paris, FR
ostv/est, 04.05.08, Vienna, AT
BA-CA Kunstforum Vienna, 11.04.08, 18:30, Vienna, AT
Space for Imagination Coffee House, 05.04.08, Beijing, CN
Festival mit Neuer Musik, Elektronik, Bands, Literatur und Installationen, 23.-25.01.2008, Hamburg, DE
Top Kino, screening program vicious circle curated by Michaela Grill / sixpackfilm.com. 23.01.08, Vienna, AT

ORDER-RE-ORDER by PARALLEL MEDIA @ AURORA Tourprogram: "Unfamiliar Countries, Impossible Structures":
Film Festival Centre, Rodina Cinema, 25.01.08, 21.00, 01.02.08, 21.00, St.Petersburg, RU
Belfast Film Festival, 13.04.08, Belfast, UK
Lighthouse, 03.06.08 7:30 pm, Brighton, UK
Mir Cinema, 17.06. and 19.06.08, Kazan, RU
Dom Kino, 25.06.08, Rostov, RU
Animator Festival, 09.07.08, Poznan, PL

El Festival Internacional de Cine de Gijón, 11/07, Gijón, ES
Aurora, 11/07, Norwich, UK
Europ. Festival of Educational and Science Films, 11/07, Vienna, AT
backup_festival Weimar, 10/07, Weimar, DE
Sadho Poetry Film Fest, 10/07, New Delhi, IND
NMWA Festival of Women’s Film & Media Arts, 09/07, Washington DC, US
Int. Kansk Video Festival, 09/07, Kansk, RU - Special Diploma of the Jury - art video ORDER-RE-ORDER
LINOLEUM MOSCOW, Festival for Alternative Animation, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, 15.8.-18.8.07, Room 2, RU
Melbourne International Film Festival, .07.-.08/07, Melbourne, AU
Curtas Vila do Conde, 07/07, Vila do Conde, PT
Les Rencontres Internationales ŕ Berlin, 06/07, Berlin, DE
SONAR 2007, 06/07, Barcelona, ES
Int. ShortFilmFestival Hamburg, 06/07, Hamburg, DE
Courtisane Festival, 05/07, Gent, BE
Les Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin/Madrid, 04-05/07, Madrid, ES
Kill your timid notion, 04/07, UK
Black Maria Film & Video Festival, 02/07, Jersey City, US - Director Citation (Honorable Mention) - art video ORDER-RE-ORDER
Diagonale, Festival of Austrian Film, 03/07, Graz, AT
Tricky Women, Int. Animation Film Festival, 03/07, Vienna, AT
Int. Film Festival Rotterdam, 01/07, Rotterdam, NL

aprčs-midi A Grrrnd Zéro, 12/07, Lyon, FR
Institute for Theater-, Film- and Electronic Media, University Vienna, 06/07, Vienna, AT
reel to real, program Black Heat / White Noise, curated by Michaela Grill (sixpackfilm), Künstlerhaus Mousonturm Frankfurt, 06/07, Frankfurt a.M./DE
VIS, program "Responsive Eye", curated by Dietmar Schwärzler / sixpackfilm, 05/07, Vienna, AT
Int. Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen, 05/07, Oberhausen, DE
F.E.A. forum f. exp.  architecture, MQ Museums Quarter, 03/07, Vienna, AT

Independent Film Show Napoli, 11/06, Neapel, IT
Exground Filmfest, 11/06, Wiesbaden, DE
Avanto Festival, 11/05, Helsinki, FI
Pulsar 2006 - Encuentro Internacional Multimedia, 10/06, Caracas, VE
Balkanima, 10/06, Beograd,RS
Int. Filmfestival of Fine Arts, 09/06, Szolnok, HU
Circuito Off- Int. Shortfilm Festival, 09/06, Venice, IT
International New Media Art Festiva Riga, 08/06, Riga, LV
SynchFestival - Innovative Music and Digital Arts, 07/06, Athen, GR
Sonambiente, 07/06 Berlin, DE
Curtas Vila do Conde International Short Film Festival, 07/06, Vila do Conde, PT
Viper- Int. Festival for Film, Video and New Media, 03/06, Basel, CH

resfest, program: digital miniatures hosted by sixpackfilm, 11/06, Vienna, AT
Worm, Program Optronics, 11/06, Rotterdam, NL
Light Cone Preview Show, 09/06, Paris, FR
para structures #3, video special, CMI, 08/06, Majuro, RMI
Universität für Musik und Darstellende Kunst, 06/06, Vienna, AT
mm centar sc, Program Optronics, 06/06, Zagreb, CR
Cultural Center DOM - Sofia Guibaidulina, 06/06, Moscow, RU
time no time_02 with XXLux, event, echoraum, 05/06, Vienna, AT
time no time_01 with XXLux, event, medien.Kunstlabor, Kunsthaus Graz, 03/06, Graz, AT
SonarSound Buenos Aires, 03/06, Buenos Aires, BR

impakt, 12/05, Utrecht, NL
resfest, 12/05, Vienna, AT
Cinecity, The Brighton Film Festival, 11/05, Brighton, UK
Avanto Festival, 11/05, Helsinki, FI
11th Biennial of Moving Images, 11/05, Geneve, CH
Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin, 11/05, Paris, FR
Tehran International Short Film Festival, 11/05, Theran, IR
Madrid Experimental Cinema Week, 11/05, Madrid, ES
Festival du nouveau Cinéma,10/05, Montreal, CA
EXiS - Int. experimental Film- and Videofestival, 09/05, Seoul, KR
Media Art Friesland Festival, 09-10/05, Friesland, NL
Festival Int. Du Films De Montreal, 09/05, Montreal, CA
Int. Animation Festifal Ottawa, 09/05, Ottawa, CA
25 fps - Int. experimental Film- and Videofestival, 09/05, Zagreb, HR
Festival Int. Du Films De Montreal, 09/05, Montreal, CA
Motovun Film Festival, 07/05, Zagreb, HR
Sonar - Advanced Music and Multimedia Art Int. Festival, 06/05, Barcelona, ES
Int. audio-video Festival - Obsession, 06/05, Istanbul, TR
Nashville Filmfestival, 04/05, Nashville, US
Festival Némo #7, Images expérimentales internationales, 04/05, Paris, FR
Diagonale, Festival of Austrian Film, 03/05, Graz, AT
Tricky Women, 03/05, Vienna, AT
Film Festival Tampere, 03/05, Tampere, FI
Int. Film Festival Rotterdam, 02/05, Rotterdam, NL

Kunstraum Innsbruck, 12/05, Innsbruck, AT
Optronics, Top Kino, 11/05, Vienna, AT
Sound Journey, 09/05, Tenerife, ES
Contemporary Art Center/La Casa Encendida, 09/05, Madrid, ES
Synthetic Zero Loft Event, 10/05, New York, US
City of Women Festival, 10/05, Ljubljana, SI
OASE Festival, 09/05, Vienna, AT
Int. Videofestival Bochum, 06/05, Bochum, DE
Synthetic Zero Loft Event, 07/05, New York, US
ARTE TV - Die Nacht/La Nuit #37, 02/05
Super Deluxe - SDLX, 16-02-05, Tokyo,JP
Kanazawa Institute of Technology/Architectural Design, 02/05, Kanazawa, JP
Kit Future Design Institut, 02/05, Tokyo, JP

Ljubljana Animation Film Festival, 12/04, Ljubljana, SL
Festival Fusión Artes Visuales, Special Barbara Doser & Hofstetter Kurt, video, Granada, Nicaragua, NI
Int. Short Film Festival Izmir, 11/04, Izmir, TR
Bristol Brief Encounters, 11/04, Bristol, GB
Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin, 11/04, Paris, FR
Holland Animation Film Festival, 11/04, Utrecht, NL
Microwave Int. Media Art Festival, 11/04, Hong Kong, HK
Festival Tous Courts, 11/04, Aix-en-Provence, FR
backup festival. new media in film, 10/04, Weimar, DE
Lausanne Int. Underground Film & Music Fest.,10/04, Lausanne, CH
Kansk Int. Video Festival, 09/04, Kansk, RU
International Festival of Fine Arts, 09/04, Szolnok, HU
Int. Short Film Festival Hamburg, 06/04, Hamburg, DE
Int. Bochumer Videofestival, 05/04, Bochum, DE award of the jury for "even odd even"
Videoformes, Int. Fest. for Video Art & Multimedia, 03/04, Clermont-Ferrand, FR
Diagonale, Festival of Austrian Film, 03/04, Graz, AT
Les Inattendus, Festival des films libres, 01/04, Lyon, FR
Cinema DeBalie, OpFilm No 12, 11/11/04, Amsterdam, NL
medienwerkstatt-wien, 11/04, Vienna, AT
Synthetic Zero Loft Event, 09/04 and 10/04, New York, US
Dreiraum Sommerfestival, Arena Wien, 08/04, Vienna, AT
Fusion Festival, 06/04, Lärz, DE
Jadavpur University Kolkata, Press Event, 01/2004, Kolkata, IND

Rencontres Cinématographiques d’Aix-en-Provence, 12/03 Aix-en-Provence, FR
Rencontres internationales Paris/Berlin, 11/03 Berlin, DE
The KunstFilmBiennale Cologne, 10/03, Cologne, DE
Tehran Int. Short Film Festival, 10/03, Tehran, IR
Kansk Int. Video Festival, 09/03, Kansk, RU
DreiRaum Sommerfestival - Arena Wien, 08/03, Vienna, AT
Courtisane - int. short film festival, 05/03, Gent, BE
WRO Globalica - int. electronic art competition, 05/03, Wroclaw, PL
shorts!  InternationalShort Film Festival Amsterdam, 03/03, Amsterdam, NL
Tricky Women, int. Animation Filmfestival, 03/03, Vienna, AT
VideoFormes, int. Festival for Video Art and Multimedia, 03/03, Clermont-Ferrand, FR
Rencontres internationales Paris/Berlin, 02/03 Paris, FR
Int. Film Festival Rotterdam, 01/03, Rotterdam, NL
microcinema international, screening series and touring program 2003, San Francisco, USA
The Unifying Aspect of Cultures, 11/03, Vienna, AT
Österreichische Filmgalerie, 10/03, Krems, AT
Cinema de Balie, 09/03, Amsterdam, NL
HKUST, 03/03, HongKong, CN
represented at Next 5 Minutes, part of the media library, Amsterdam, NL

Festival des Cinémas Différents, 12/02, Paris, FR
international short film festival chile, 11/02, Santiago, CL
Int. Short Film Festival Izmir, 11/02, Izmir, TR
LA Freewaves – Int. Media Art Festival, Los Angeles, 11/02, USA
Int. Symposium on Electronic Art ISEA 2002, 10/02, Nagoya, JP
international short film festival - short cuts cologne, 09/02, Cologne, DE
international media art festival friesland, 09/02, NL
International Kansk Video Festival, Kansk, 08/02, RU
inVex (Intercultural Videoart Exhibition, Europe), 04/02, Tokyo, JP
New York International Independent Film and Video Festival, 09/02, NY, USA

... and some other festivals and screenings