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In cooperation with the Institute of Computergraphics and Algorithms at the Vienna University of Technology the Sunpendulum Time-Eyes were installed for permanent use in collaboration with Universities / Research Centers in the respective time zones around the earth, which provide all the necessary facilities in a very solid way. In 1999 the Time-Eyes of Hawaii, Bermuda, Granada, in 2000 the Time-Eyes of Cairo, New Orleans, Ensenada, in 2001 the Time-Eye of the Azores, in 2002 the Time-Eye of Dubai, in 2003 the Time-Eye of Hong Kong, in 2004 the Time-Eye of Calcutta, in 2005 the Time-Eye of Tokyo and finally in 2006 the Time-Eye of the Marshall Islands were installed. In 2019 The Time-Eye of Tokyo was reinstalled at the Musashino Art University Tokyo
Maui Community College - University of Hawaii / Maui (USA) Universidad Autónoma de Baja California / Ensenada (Mexico) University of New Orleans / New Orleans (USA) Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute / Bermuda (Great Britain) University of the Azores / Angra Campus (Portugal) University of Granada / Granada (Spain)
Hawaii / Maui 
New Orleans 
(Great Britain)
Angra / Azores 
Ain Shams University Cairo / Cairo (Egypt) Zayed University Dubai / Dubai (United Arab Emirates) the Jadavpur University Calcutta / Calcutta (India) Hong Kong University of Science and Technology / Hong Kong (China) Musashino Art University The College of the Marshall Islands
Dubai (United 
Arab Emirates)
Hong Kong  
Marshall Islands 
Time-Eye of Hawaii
Time-Eye of Ensenada
Time-Eye of New Orleans
Time-Eye of Bermuda
Time-Eye of the Azores
Time-Eye of Granada
Time-Eye of Cairo
Time-Eye of Dubai
Time-Eye of Kolkata
Time-Eye of Hong Kong
Time-Eye of Tokyo
Time-Eye of the Marshall Islands
University of Hawaii / Maui Community College / USA
Universidad Autonomous de Baja California / MX
University of New Orleans / USA
Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute / GB
Universidade dos Acores / Angra Campus / P
Universidad de Granada / E
Ain Shams University Cairo / EG
Zayed University Dubai / UAE
Jadavpur University Kolkata / IND
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology / PRC
Musashino Art University / JP
College of the Marshall Islands / RMI