SPACING TIME installation
SPACING TIME | solstice 2007  installation @ MAK - CAT / Flakturm Arenbergpark - paraflows 07
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The Sunpendulum Time-Eyes around the earth are sending images from the sky to the 'time_in_residence' server @ DATASPIND to be archived. SPACING TIME opens this time archive bringing sky images from Granada and the Marshall Islands at the moment of summer solstice 2007 - i.e. on June 21st @ 06:06 PM UTC - on screen. A central circular field of one sky is superimposed on the other creating a space in time. The Marshall islands are exactly 12 hours apart from Granada thus the light of the sky in the inner circle is changing complementary to the light of the sky surrounding it.
setting of the installation:
time: endlessloop installation of 24 minutes of sky images from Granada and the Marshall Islands from 12 minutes before to 12 minutes after summer solstice 2007
space: MAK - Contemporary Art Tower / Flakturm Arenbergpark
screen - size: space profile - 2,5m x 3,34m.
stereo sound

Special thanks to Herbert Schwabl for the Java software development, to Marcus Priesch for the system administration of the Sunpendulum Time-Eyes as well as to Peter Stieglecker for the archiving system on the 'time_in_residence' server

time_in_residence @ DATASPIND:
In 2004 Hofstetter Kurt opened the 'time_in_residence' project by archiving all the still images from the sky captured by the Sunpendulum Time-Eyes around the earth. The 'time_in_residence' server has been launched and hosted in the DATASPIND project by Franz Xaver