- installation @ Vienna University of
fACING tIME | interactive installation @ Vienna University of Technology  -  Informatics building

- a global network of light clocks in public areas at all the Sunpendulum collaboration partner institutions – i.e. the 12 Sunpendulum collaboration partners around the earth, the Vienna University of Technology and ZKM - Center for Art and Media technology.

fACING tIME - interface panel to interact

Each light clock is connected to a touch screen that allows people to interact by selecting time-eyes’ sky image-streams to be simultaneously displayed on all the faces of the light clocks around the earth. The interaction process is selecting online the sky of 12 different time zones and its complementary one. By touching a number on the earth map screen one’s finger triggers the light of parallel skies from complementary time-zones live for simultaneous display in all the light clocks around the earth.

fACING tIME - interface panel to interact

The realisation is based on the Sunpendulum project using the online sky image streams from the 12
Sunpendulum Time-Eyes  – i.e. video cameras installed at Universities watching the sky in 12 timezones
around the earth:
( 1 ) University of Hawaii / Maui Community College / USA
( 2 ) Universidad Autonomous de Baja California Unidad Ensenada / MX
( 3 ) University of New Orleans / USA
( 4 ) Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute / GB
( 5 ) Universidade dos Acores / Angra Campus / P
( 6 ) Universidad de Granada / E
( 7 ) Ain Shams University Cairo / EG
( 8 ) Zayed University Dubai / UAE
( 9 ) Jadavpur University Kolkata / IND
(10) Hong Kong University of Science and Technology / PRC
(11) Tokyo Musashino Art University/ JP
(12) College of the Marshall Islands / RMI

The installation package comprises the light clock – a 19“ screen having installed a Mini-PC on the back including Ethernet LAN access and its 7“ touch screen connected via USB.

Local Resources necessary: Power and Internet.

The software was developed by Marcus Priesch in cooperation with the Sunpendulum team and close collaboration with the Sunpendulum partners around the earth.

The realisation of the fACING tIME installations around the earth is supported by the City of Vienna / Cultural Department, the Austrian Ministry for Education, the Arts and Culture as well as the Austrian Embassy / Cultural Forum in the respective country.

The Sunpendulum realisation was mainly supported by Austrian Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture Austrian Ministry of European and International Affairs Austrian Ministry of Science and Research The City of Vienna / Cultural Department