sunpendulum home
by Hofstetter Kurt, 1997
space item, drawing by Hofstetter Kurt, Cafe Lange Vienna, 1997
space item, Hofstetter Kurt '97
the sun is public, knowing 
no difference between 
day and night
the sunpendulum must be perpetually accessible in public space in a defined architectural space to experience the idea and
concept in the ideal way.
the circle  the elementary form of the sunpendulum structure and movement leading to a pavilion with a circular architectural structure. 
intimacy in the discrete circle
of the screens
parallel to the 12 discrete Time-Eye installations around the earth the 12 Time-Screens should be set up discretely in a circle by having enough space in relation to each other to create an intimacy between visitor and screen, in order to be able to dive into the respective time zone.
spiral shaped inplusion /
radial shaped explosion
the visitors are pulled spirally into the center of the circle of the 12 Time-Screens having all the screens equidistant Inplusion; at the same time they may leave the circle radially in all directions Explosion.
all the time the light of
all the time
the vision of a shell to be attracted by the light transmitted from the 12 time zones the shell should be transparent all the time at the same time there should be no view from inside to outside to experience the light of the time zones in the ideal way.
the sun produces all the
necessary energy
the shell should be covered with an iris of solar cells that resembles an eye directed towards the sky. Receiving the light of the sun, it produces all the necessary energy