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T H E   I N S T A L L A T I O N   A N D   K O L K A T A   I N   P A R A L L E L S 
the city of Kolkata (formerly Calcutta) is largely a British creation that dates back only some 300 years and was the capital of British India right up until 1911
the Sunpendulum Time-Eye of Kolkata installed on the roof of the Jadavpur University (JU) - Salt Lake Campus
in 1947 India acquired its independence from Britain
a view towards the east - marshland of the Salt Lake City area
today Kolkata is the capital of West Bengal with 14 million inhabitants - a kaleidoscope of extreme contrasts
the Space Theater at the Science City en route to the Jadavpur Salt Lake Campus
Prof. Hiranmay Saha, Head of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering Department and Sunpendulum Coordinator at the JU  
seen at the JU main campus
Hofstetter Kurt, Sunpendulum Director, Prof. Hiranmay Saha together with Prof. Kalyan Mallik
to the second JU campus - the Salt Lake Campus  
en route to the Jadavpur Salt Lake Campus
view towards the east of the Salt Lake area
up to the roof
first impressions  
looking for the best position for the Time-Eye  
direction towards the east
ready to start the installation of the Time-Eye of Kolkata
  pattern of a Bengali sari
they decided to create a sleeve for the permanent mounting of the Time-Eye
  millions of Ambassadors, the taxis of Kolkata - responsible for the permanent chorus of horns
 the welding apparatus
the exact position of the bracket 
Vidyasagar Setu (1992) - a modern bridge crossing the Hugli
Prof. Sanjoy Mukhopadhyay, Head of the Department of Film Studies at JU together with JU Deputy Registrar Subir Chandra Chakraborty
  Hugli is a branch of the Ganges river meeting the Bay of Bengal
with Prof. Radjif Bandopadhyay (center), Director of the Computer Center at the Salt Lake Campus
  Christmas decorations in Park Street
Hofstetter Kurt and Nilanjan Banerjee, System Administrator of the Computer Center at the Salt Lake Campus transporting  the Sunpendulum Computer to its final place
seen on the buses of Kolkata
closing the weather proof case
West Bengal Film Centre
the Time-Eye of Kolkata 
ready to work
Prof. Ashok Nath Basu, Vice-Chancellor of the Jadavpur University
seen at the riverside of the Hugli in winter (fog)
Hofstetter Kurt signing the Sunpendulum Collaboration Agreement on January 10, 2004 before the Sunpendulum press event took place at the JU main campus
Howrah Bridge or Rabindra Setu (1943) crossing the river Hugli
shaking hands with JU Registrar Rajatkumar Bandyopadhyay - to signify close and strong collaboration in the future
major landmark and gateway to the city of Kolkata
at Kaligath Kali Temple - a major Hindu pilgrim site of India
on January 10, 2004, the Sunpendulum press event took place at the Jadavpur University. attended by representatives of the University and journalists of the leading Kolkata media
JU Registrar Rajatkumar Bandyopadhyay opening the press event
Prof. Hiranmay Saha, Head of JU Department of Electronics & Telecom Engineering and Sunpendulum Coordinator at the JU
concept and media artist Hofstetter Kurt thanking everyone involved in the realisation of the Sunpendulum Time-Eye of Kolkata  
Dr. Katja Bühler, representative of the Institute of Computergraphics and Algorithms / Vienna University of Technology highlighting the Institute's role in the realisation of the Sunpendulum
seen in Cumar Tulli or "Potter´s Lane" - home of numerous idol-makers known as kumhars or potters
Prof. Sanjoy Mukhopadhyay, Head of the JU Department of Film Studies pointing out  the sunpendulum's integration of Installation Art,Media Arts, Architecture, Science and Technology   sculpture of goddess Saraswati made in clay
Prof. Subrata Pal, JU Dean of Faculty of Science focussing on the collaborative aspects with universities around the earth
finally painted with bright colours and dressed in glittering costumes prepared for the Durga Puja, the most important festival in Kolkata and the greatest in West Bengal. (September/October))
Prof. Biswajit Chatterjee, JU Dean of Faculty of Arts pointing out the crossing of the boundaries between Arts and Science
Hofstetter Kurt handed over one of his Facing Time Eye artworks to JU Registrar Rajatkumar Bandyopadhyay
Mr. Debashish Biswas, Vice President of Manjushree INFOTECH attended the press conference as the official representative of Austria - Austrian Consulate in Kolkata  
media representatives taking some pictures of the Sunpendulum Time-Eye of Kolkata and Hofstetter Kurt  
Sitambara Jain Temple (1867)
conducting some detailed interviews   
Birla Temple (1996)
St. Paul´s Cathedral, first Episcopal Church of the Orient (1847) 
rebuilt after an earthquake in 1938  
St. John´s Church (1784-97)
Barbara Doser - media artist, Sunpendulum documentation and reflection
with Hofstetter Kurt - concept and media artist, Sunpendulum Director
many thanks for the great collaboration to the staff of the Jadavpur University of Kolkata the impressions will ever last