sunpendulum home

photos by Brad G. Thomas
processed and arranged by Barbara Doser

T H E   R E I N S T A L L A T I O N   A N D   P A R A L L E L S 
in 2005 the Sunpendulum Time-Eye of Hawaii on Maui moved from the Maui High Performance Computing Center to the Maui Community College - MCC


MCC is an integral part of the University of Hawaii and is located in Kahului on Maui


The Time-Eye of Hawaii was reinstalled at the MCC library building directed to the east to capture sunlight from the sky over the dormant volcano Mount Haleakala, the so called "House of the Sun"


waves in walking distance
Mark Hoffman,
ECET Program Coordinator Electronics, Computer Architecture and  Physics - new Sunpendulum Coordinator of Hawaii

the rising sun watched by the Sunpendulum Time-Eye of Hawaii
Brad G. Thomas, student of the MCC/Computing Department, reinstalled the Time-Eye of Hawaii
 remotely advised by the Sunpendulum Kernel team


aerial view of the MCC campus


MCC library building

library building  


shadows on the roof
up to the roof



an impressive view from the roof of the library towards the east and the slope of the volcano Mount Haleakala

the new position of the Time-Eye was remotely determined by Hofstetter Kurt - Sunpendulum Director -  with the help of roof images provided by Brad G. Thomas

the bracket of the Time-Eye mounted on a horizontal arm


closing the weatherproof case

running the cables down to the Time-Eye's computer system

on the roof


connecting to the internet


 the updated Sunpendulum system-  and application software was downloaded from the internet and reinstalled via the ATESI program developed
by Georg Graf


final adjustments

ready to transmit images from the sky via the internet

imposing sculptures in the neighbourhood



the Time-Eye of Maui/Hawaii running




hang loose ...




many thanks for the great collaboration to the staff of the MCC and the Sunpendulum Kernel team

many thanks for the image source material: Brad G. Thomas
MCC web site
Hofstetter Kurt