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T H E   R E I N S T A L L A T I O N   A N D   P A R A L L E L S 

in spring 2002 the High Technical School of Computer Science of the University of Granada moved to a new complex of buildings

the Sunpendulum Time-Eye of Granada, first installed in September 1999,  relocated at the end of may 2002

its new location is on top of the east - facing side of the building complex

artificial clouds

a warm welcome by the Sunpendulum Coordinator, Carlos Ureña Almagro -  Dean of the High Technical 
School of Computer Science


talking about the 
installation process

up to the roof
the fountain in front of the building


an impressive view over the city of Granada 
and the 
Sierra Nevada


the position has 
been found

 Carlos Ureña Almagro and Hofstetter Kurt talking about  possible ways of installation

together with Miguel Lastra measuring  the east - facing side precisely

calculating the position of the Time-Eye according to the Golden Mean  

running the video-
     and power cables from the camera to the Time-Eye's
      computer system

- seen on the roof




welding in accord - great performance

mounting the camera bracket 
  on top of the front balustrade
an imposing sculpture nearby


mounting the camera

closing the weatherproof case
  the "andalusian electric installations" in public space are still there ...

fine and final adjustments
we have even seen  "el toro" again, one of the most impressive
sculptures in the landscape

the Time-Eye of Granada - ready to work again
we didn´t see the "Andalusian Dog",
but something
near to it  ...

the previously activated Sunpendulum
      Time-Eye Server connected to the Time-Eye again ... ready to transmit images from the sky via the internet
and the snow covered Sierra Nevada -
almost surreal ...
with a full moon.

    with the Time-Eye of Granada in front  - what a thrill ...


the Granada Sunpendulum
      reinstallation team 

 Hofstetter Kurt
         Barbara Doser



many thanks for the great collaboration to the staff of the University of Granada the impressions will ever last